Thursday, February 23, 2006

Count down to the Finish

I have heard rumors that other knitting olympians have finished their projects.... I am struggling, in the end I may not be one of them. I still have to finish the toe of one sock and complete a whole other sock- IN 3 DAYS... Note I am not knitting as I type.
I did finish something- my book club book. I needed to return it to the library today so I had to finish it!

I enjoy knitting socks but it's hard to complete one lovely sock and know that I have to go through the whole process again to have closure. It's almost to much. I cannot go around with one sock- I am tempted to move onto a new project- something from my Oneskein book- the one skein project is taunting me. Going back to me asking my cowork "are socks going to be challenging enough?" It's becoming a mental challenge more than a physical challenge. What happens if I get up Saturday morning go to jazzercise and then come home and start knitting and don't stop until I've finished my second sock? I might have to call for assistance... bring me food, bring me water- I mean mimosas, then wine, then water, bring me a darning needle and then finally bring me the gold. It might be bloody but it might be worth it- I need to ask myself do I want gold?

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