Thursday, February 09, 2006

Farmers Almanac

I was directed by You Grow Girl to look at the Farmers Almanac website to find the date of the last frost for my region. Well after spending some time on the website and registering myself- I now know the weather for my zip code and the tide table for the nearest coastal beach- I was able to find the date of the last frost.... April 3rd- so going with that I can plan all my planting dates. Also the site is able to tell me days I should and should not do things... like get a hair cut, plant underground veggies or above ground veggies, when to prune if I want something to flourish or not to flourish... so on and so on... I will have to leave a some stuff for you to find out about. Registration is free. I bought the calendar for a friend... I need to check in with her to see how she is enjoying it and if she finds it helpful. Oh if you are into E-cards they have some.

I also found out the growing season for my region is 217 days- Having learned this will help me when deciding which veggies to grow-
Having spent a bit more time with the Burpee guide I have made a short list of must haves.

You are going to think Grandma but last year I really took a liking to Marigolds... and they have a nice selection of white ones. 'French Vanilla' and 'Snowdrift'

Carrots- 'kaleidoscope'- 4 colors of carrots- bright red, sweet purple, mellow yellow and brilliant orange and 'Purple Dragon'

Pickling Cucumber- 'Pickalot'- one I like the name and two I love pickle cucumbers more than regular cucumbers.

Peppers- are a big tease. They look so pretty in the picture and I want to buy some but I never have any luck with peppers.

Swiss Chard- 'Bright Lights Mix'

and finally tomatoes- 'Fourth of July', part of the early bird hybrid- matures in 49 days and 'Patio Princess' 65-68 days but you can grow them in small pots.

Well that is my short list so far. I need to review and hopefully this weekend get to spend some time in my garden. We are having a major wind storm right now so who knows what kind of weather it's going to blow in.

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