Saturday, February 25, 2006

Garden and Photo Fever!

Seeds that I planted today...(remember you can double click on the photo to make it larger- that way you can see all the great detial)

Chives trying to get started in this cold weather and some hens and chicks that I am not sure will make it. They are a nice shade of red, which is not their normal color- they are normally green.

My sweet Lilac- starting to bud

Herbs (Crinkle Leaf Oregano, Lime Thyme and Spearmint) I bought today to go into my Ikea Planters I bought while in San Diego. They are going to live in the window of the laundry room next to the scented geranium I brought in last fall.

The Plum tree in the front yard- starting to bloom

Miles in the half of the garden I did manage to weed and get compost on

If you look close you might see the small hummingbird that came to check out what was going on. He is on the wire to the far right of the pine tree. Hummingbirds have a very distinct song. Once you hear it and know it's them you will never forget. I heard him and starting looking around and there he was on the wire above the yard.

Compost Compost Compost- need I say anything else

Miles Freezing- are we done yet- yes it looks good but it's cold and I don't think anything will grow?????

The end of the beginning... So I have the beets, peas, sweet peas, spinach and chard planted... that is what the little sticks show- there are even some rocks to mark the ends of the rows.

"It's not growing yet".... This is where I have the spicy and sweet salad mix. I scattered seeds in one- no order to it at all- and the second box I made 3 nice rows. Yet to see which method I like the best. Miles says "they both stink... lets go inside and have a treat."

So that was my Saturday... You might note that there is no mention of Knitting. I decided to end my Olympic career- yes it was short- shorter than Michelle Kwan's career. I didn't finish the socks. I will try again in 2010- maybe another pair of socks or who knows what level I will be at. I cannot believe I just typed 2010- I will be 40 years old... I think the end of the world as we know it will happen in 2010... I hope I feel fine....

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