Saturday, February 04, 2006

Pentax Optio 750Z

That is the camera I ended up purchasing. I was not impressed with the other camera I had in mind. The Pentax has a rechargable battery and the best option is I can rotate the LCD Monitor so I can see myself when taking self portraits. No more guessing If I have half my head cut off. It seems to have a lot to offer... Movies, alarm, 3D photos, and a microphone so I can hear my chipmunk voice describing what it is I am making a video of. Here is a sample of me using the self portrait feature... The pageboy caps I told you about earlier

the second hat- which I made while on vacation- I am not to sure about the color- It is a bit smaller than the first one- I am debating on them... should I keep both or part with one- but which one???

I finally used the GC I received for Christmas from Josh. I was going to use the GC to purchase the interchangeable needles. WELL they are still out of them... I think that is odd. I don't care any more because I found them some place else. I needed to get some yarn for my knitting olypmics project- I got two skeins of Koigu Wool- a fun blend of greens and blues- and the size 1 needles needed to make them- I am going to go with the socks- pattern to be found later. I figure use up the GC so I don't have to go back in there- I bought two skeins each of Lamb's Pride Bulky- Rosado Rose and Raspberry- I think I am going to do some mindless leg warmers- yes I said leg warmers- I am feeling a little 80's- I could get a perm but I figure this is less expensive and if I don't like them I can pull them out.

I just realized the lamb's pride yarn is spun and dyed by Brown Sheep Company, Inc Which is in Nebraska- 6 miles from Scottsbluff- Which makes you almost into Wyoming. A ways away from Lincoln.

It looks like I will be starting my socks on Tuesday night- I need to find out what time the starting ceremonies begin. The Olympics always reminds me of you Adele... I remember you being all excited about them when we were in High School. I hope you have time to watch them this year.

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