Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blooming in the NW Neighborhood

I went around my work neighborhood the other day on my lunch and this is what's blooming.

I found this tree (flowering Quince) while walking to work from the bus stop. I had to bring my camera the next day to snap a few shots of it.

Next to it in the same yard is this lovely. They did a nice job training them to grow up the house.

The Star Magnolias are going crazy. In one block there are at least 5 trees.

And the Peonies are starting to show some life. Peonies remind me of my Grandma. She had the light pink ones, a small patch that my Grandpa would have to carefully mow around. I cannot wait to see them at the farmers market. Buckets and Buckets of them- all shades.

Speaking of the Farmers Market

Saturday Market at Portland State University
SW Park between SW Montgomery & Harrison
Opening Day
April 1, 2006
8:30 am – 2:00 pm

The rain has been a constant the past few days. I haven't ventured out to check out the garden. I hope my seeds are not floating away. I guess the birds won't be eating them like I worried, because they still haven't come to the bird feeder that is full of tasty treats.

Knitting is going slow. I need to finish some projects and dedicate a day to posting before and afters. Maybe this weekend....

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