Thursday, March 16, 2006


I cannot get them out of my mind. Must go this weekend and fill the need. Saint Cupcake is my destination place. At first I didn't think they were all that, but after sampling a few and finding my favorite one I realized they are all that and more! RED VELVET is the ticket or maybe a dot depending on how many others I want to sample. A dot is a small one- just enough to give you a taste and leave you wanting a big one. The best is I am going to have them for my wedding cake. Their website notes they are getting stands- I found a place in Ohio that sells the stands, but I would rather give to the locals. Josh and I will have to drag ourselves down there soon and pick out which tasties to order.

Today my peas are starting to poke up and my spinach has broke through and has two little leaves showing. I am happy, I was beginning to think something ate them. Still no sweet peas, beets or chard, it might have to warm up a bit for them. I have to get some compost this weekend and get a second planting started. The grass I turned over is starting to find it's way to the surface, that means light weeding to get it under control. I also need to decide on something for my peas to climb up. Last year I did string for my sweet peas, but they will need something a bit stronger. Greta made a nice frame out of plastic pipe and mesh she got at home depot. I might have to stop over and see how she did it.

As for knitting I have been listening to a Knitting Podcast while at work. If time allows this weekend I would love to felt the bowl I finshed and finish the small one. If they turn out they will make great easter baskets. Is it Friday????

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