Saturday, March 04, 2006

Daphne odora- Winter Daphne

It's that time of year when you are walking down the street and you smell the sweetest smell. It makes you stop and start looking around and usually not to far from where you stand there it will be- A Winter Daphne in full bloom. Most of them I have seen around town are variegated with flowers that are pink to deep red outside and creamy pink inside. The Oregonian did a nice write up on Daphne's in their home and garden section. I didn't realize that they had a species that bloomed in the summer and also a species for rock gardens. I only think of the Winter Daphne.

For as popular as they are they are unpredictable. Not the best plant to move around and likes some afternoon shade. Can be pruned lightly- Shape by cutting the late winter flower clusters. Another crazy thing about them is all parts especially the fruit are poisonous.

I was able to take the photos of the Daphne and this plant this morning while walking Miles around the neighborhood. I wasn't sure what this plant was- maybe a Lenten Rose or a Euphorbia... What do you think?

Maybe this will help a bit more. You can see the foliage in this one.

I am going with Euphorbia- not able to determine exact species. There are a lot of them out there and most look like a cactus. Anyway I thought it was pretty. I like the pink around the edge of the flower.

Today was a good day. I was able to do some knitting. I have a purse that I am about done with. The original patter doesn't call for felting but I think I am going to felt it and see what happens. I will show you a before and after once I have it sewn together and felted. I bought another color of the Lamb's Pride yarn- Oregano. Now I have 3 colors to make the felted bowls with. A dark pink, light pink and green. I cannot wait. I am sad to say the Olympic sock is still sitting in my knitting basket. I hope to pick it back up soon and finish. I have been in the kind of knitting mood where I don't want to think while I knit. I usually knit a scarf when I am in that mood, but I feel I have branched out a bit.

Natalie and I met at Lint. Here she is with the fun sushi knitting kit

They have a lot of fun kits right now- The felted sushi handbag and felted flower kits. This is my favorite place to meet up and knit.

I did get to finish my garden as well.

A bit closer

You can see the new bird feeder that is not being used. The birds are not liking my backyard. I have that feeder and a finch feeder with Thistle seed and not one bird has come in. I even have a couple of bird baths and still no one. I put some seed up on top of the fence post maybe that will draw someone in and the others will follow. Maybe tomorrow I will make up some hummingbird nectar and put out a feeder for the little guy that comes around. He was out there again today. It took me a bit to find him.

I got tired of picking out the weeds so I had a crazy spell where I just turned the weeds over. I hope they are smothered and won't poke back up. I did some detailed weeding around the end where the flowers are. My back was getting sore and I wanted to be done with it. I did make the bed a little bigger so that will be nice when I start planting. I think in the morning I will pop out and get a few bags of compost and plant some more peas along the fence. That way I will have a second batch started. I am going to wait on the other seeds until I see some sprouts... So far nothing.

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