Thursday, March 30, 2006

flowers are in the air

No matter where you look you see flowers... it's an explosion. As the plum flowers fade away the pear blossoms are quick to fill the void. It is amazing! Some trees a few weeks ago were bare twigs now have lush green leaves.

Everything I planted has sprouted. The last ones to stick there little green heads up are the sweet peas... The slugs have not found them yet. I should be careful and put out bait anyway before everything is gone. I thought my primroses were gone because of the cold weather, but I put out some slug bait and I swear the next morning the flowers were perfect.

Today with my scissors in hand I intended to cut some of my lettuce starts. The rows are packed with fresh little sprouts.

I need to thin them so each plant has room to grow. It's best to nip them at the base that way you don't disturb the root system. To let you know I wasn't able to cut any. It's hard! What happens if I cut some and then the ones I left die. Also when doing a mix it's hard to decide which ones to cut- some might come up later or grow slower... Maybe I will let them go another week and then transplant some to another location...

This weekend I have to get my second sowing of peas, beats and chard into the ground. I also need to get a trellis going. My peas are starting to grow fast.

Here is my lost little daffodil... It just showed up in this pot on my deck. I am not sure how it got there.

and the blueberries have blossoms as well.

Do you like this photo? I finally figured out how to use my camera and take close up's and not have them be blurry. It took me long enough.

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