Monday, May 29, 2006

Concordia Neighborhood

While I walked Miles last night I took some photos of what's blooming in the neighborhood. Quite a few trees are in bloom right now.

Most of these photos were taken on Concordia Universities campus...

First signs of Grapes-

Halesia diptera- snowdrop- one of my favorites.

A tree (Cornus florida) of eastern North America, having small greenish flowers surrounded by four large, showy white or pink bracts that resemble petals.

Tulip Tree
A tall, deciduous, eastern North American tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) having large, tuliplike green and orange flowers, aromatic twigs, and yellowish wood that is easily worked. Also called poplar.

easy to identify when not in bloom- leaves look like tulips.

Sweet Gum
Genus Liquidambar. There are four species of sweetgums, all large, deciduous trees, 25-40 m tall, with palmately lobed leaves- I was having a hard time finding the name of this tree. Being familiar with it because I like the palmate leaves- the only thing I could think of was Palmaceous-well those are palm trees... finally I found them in my Western Garden book.

Sweet Gum Fruit- I missed the flower stage.

I even found strawberry plants.

Finally ending in the front yard- here is the little shade garden I made this spring.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back to Reality

Josh plays out every last Saturday of the Month with a band called Hungry mob- here's a little bit of last night...

Well the weekend is moving along quickly. I spent the day cleaning the house and sewing... I was able to finish this little blanket in one day.

All seemed to go really well except when I cut out the squares I some how didn't do it right. The darts didn't match up when I was to sew the squares together. If they did line up then I didn't have right sides facing each other I had wrong sides facing each other. There wasn't much I could do since I had used up my material. I just went ahead and it all seemed to work out okay.

This was a fun project and I cannot wait to give it to Baby Zane. I have a lot of the cowboy material left over- it came in extra wide. I will have to search for a pattern to make something else or maybe cover some pillows.

My machine worked well, but I still feel like I want a new one... Maybe for Christmas.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


We have a rainy memoiral day weekend ahead of us. I went to the farmers market this morning, rain gear and all. People in Oregon don't let rain stop them from doing their normal outdoor activities. If they did they would hardly ever leave the house.
Standing in the long line of one of my frequented vendors, the only guy working said "We didn't think it would be this busy with the rain and all." The farmers market has just been open a month we are all still very excited about it, why would we let a little rain stop us from going? People were there with their dogs, baby's in strollers, kids in rain gear, old people with umbrellas, young couples in thier matching North Face rain jackets. Why spend the hundreds of dollars on nice rain gear if you don't get to show it off sometimes. It's strawberry time. I cannot buy strawberries in the grocery store. They taste so fake- Yes they were $3 a pint but they were so sweet and yummy. I had them on my Special K when I got home.

Here's what's shaken in the backyard this morning.

Miles wants to go in the backyard, but once he's out there he want's right back in so here he is instead.

he was starting to get mad at me for taking his picture, he wanted to play.

Now he is off someplace sleeping and I am off to another wine tasting- Geyeser Peak- Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Having grown up in the midwest and having spent a good part of my adult life in the midwest it's odd I would be scared of a thunderstorm. Having spent the last 8 years in the northwest I think I have seen about half a dozen thunder storms. For as much as it rains here we don't have storms, it doesn't thunder and lighting, it just rains and rains and rains. The other night it was so quite and the clouds in the distance were so dark, black and then just around dusk the storm rolled in. Winds, lighting, thunder, rain coming in sideways. I was scared. I turned off the computer and thought about turning off the tv but I was a bit scared to have it so quite, well I needed something to cover the noise of the storm. We have had rain all week. The sun makes it's way out for a bit everyday, but we are receiving lots of rain. It's not just sprinkles it's pouring down rain. My garden is loving it and at the same time taking a beating.
I picked a ton of spinach because it's on it's way to being done- since I had so much I steamed it and seasoned it with salt. It was so good. I never thought I would like steamed spinach, but it's a new favorite. I am glad the spinach is finishing up because I need to get some beans in the ground. I am going to try this weekend to find some bean starts. I should do seeds but had good luck last year from starts.

I apologize if anyone is clicking on my photos and they are downloading as jpg's. I am not sure why this is happening. I have noticed on some other blogs when I click on their pictures they download. I am checking with a fellow blogger to see if she knows why this is happening.

In the craft corner- I have been knitting on the cable scarf here and there. I just went and bought some fabric. I was going to make a vintage apron, but the pattern was a bit more than I wanted to spend. I am waiting for next month and it goes on sale. Instead I bought a pattern for baby bibs and quilt. I found some cowboy material and am going to make a cute quilt for my friends baby Zane. I also bought some oilcloth to cover the computer chair and ended up with to much so I thought I would make some bibs.

I washed the fabric last night so it's ready to go. Maybe tomorrow I will get started on it. I did get the pattern cut out...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Iced Coffee Weather

Last summer I got on a kick of making coffee and keeping it in the fridge- get up put some in a cup add cream and go. Well after two days of 90 degree weather, I made some iced coffee. I look forward to tomorrow morning. If you like your coffee sweet make sure to add the sugar before cooling the coffee. Something I just forgot to do.

A fun blog I stumbled across The Sartorialist Blog.
Sartorial- adj. (sartor, tailor) 1. of tailors or their work 2. of men's dress.

The garden photos I took over the weekend...

my peas have blooms- this photo was actually just taken. I think the blooms showed up over night

one of the 7 dwarfs has made a home in the veggie garden

so far the spinach has been the cash crop. The small patch I have at the end of the garden has made over 5 salads.

Weeds I noticed in the garden are tomato seedlings from the tomatoes I grew last year. I should let a few grow but I am not sure how productive a tomato is from seed. Are the one's you buy from garden centers from seed or from cuttings? I pulled them. I would rather buy mine.
The next phase of the garden is to plant a few tomatoes and beans. I also need to replace one of the cucumbers. I am not sure what happened but it died.

The planter I got for my birthday- I have so many hens and chicks I was able to fill the planter.

If any one wants some chicks stop over. I have plenty to spare.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

39 days until summer

In the middle of May comes the tail of winter.

Today is a beautiful sunny Saturday... not to hot and not to cold. I took some garden photos this morning- will have to post later- i have to get ready for a wine demo I am doing- I will be pouring Mad Housewife Wine- I will try to get some photos to post later.

The farmers market was nice. So far there are not a lot of vendors. I want to check out the Beaverton market to see if they are having the same turn out. It was busy though and there were lots of dogs. I love dogs but the hollywood farmers market is so small and when there are over 10 dogs and a bunch of baby limos being pushed around it gets to be a bit much and makes for a stressful adventure. Miles would love to go to the market but last I new it was suppose to be a dog free zone. Through it all I was able to get some fresh garlic (looks like a green onion- mild garlic flavor- goes great in salads), radishes and beets. Raleigh hills has a Sunday market I am going to visit tomorrow with a friend and her little guy.
Well I am off to pour some wine for lonely housewives that are out doing their Saturday shopping....

Friday, May 12, 2006

Full Flower Moon

is what tomorrows full moon is called.Flowers spring forth in abundance this month. Some Algonquin tribes knew this full Moon as the Corn Planting Moon or the Milk Moon.

I think of knitting as somthing you do when it's chilly out and you want to make something that will keep you warm. When spring and summer roll around I start to feel like sewing. I need to take my machine in and have it serviced. I got it a few years back at a garage sale. It didn't come with a manual so I am not really sure how to take care of it. It works and that is all really matters. I sewed a few things on it last summer and now am thinking it should be serviced or I should break down and buy a new one at Target. They really are not that much money and the newer models do so many neat things.

I was looking at the you grow girl website and saw this photo.

This is the author of You Grow Girl and the pattern to the apron she is wearing is in her book. Not your grandmothers gardening apron. I am thinking of making one. I am not sure if I would wear it or not, but it seems like a fun project.
Do people even wear aprons anymore. The only person I ever have know to wear an apron was my grandma and I think she only wore one on holidays. Will aprons be the next hip thing to bring back? I wonder about it and wonder how people catch the hip wave before it really begins.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kewpie world

No that's not a potato on her head, it's a rock. I found her in my neighbors garden and had to take a picture. I am glad I did because now she is gone.

I never realized there were so many lilacs in the neighborhood. Here's a color you don't typically see.

Wedding plans are moving ahead.

The latest is I found a dress and we got our rings. Now I need to focus on invitations and a photographer. I also need to start thinking of a florist. Most of my flowers are going to be from the farmers market but I need some professional ones as well.
Time is going by fast. Just when I think I have everthing in order I realize I need to get working on something else.

I finally registered- It took a long time and I feel like I could do more, but it could get out of control.
We are registered at Target, Crate and Barrel and a fiestaware website- to view- go to Both Target and Crate and Barrel are on line, but I think you can view them from a store as well.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tres de Mayo

Birthday Lore of the Day -
You are witty, original, intelligent, and always doing the unexpected. You are friendly and very popular. You can adapt yourself to circumstances or environment and are loving and fond of children.

Also born on this date

1951 Christopher Cross (singer)
1950 Mary Hopkin (singer)
1947 Doug Henning (magician, escape artist)
1937 Frankie Valli (Francis Castellucio) (singer)
1928 James Brown (singer)
1928 Dave Dudley (Pedruska) (country singer)
1920 Sugar Ray Robinson (middleweight boxer)
1919 Pete Seeger (singer, activist)
1910 Norman Corwin (writer)
1907 Earl Wilson (entertainment writer)
1903 Bing Crosby (actor, crooner)
1898 Golda Meir (prime minister Israel 1969-74)
1469 Niccolo Machiavelli (philosopher)

I also share this day with my Great Grandma Ella.