Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Male/ Female

So I am having trouble with my zucchini plant. I think of it as the plant that will produce fruit no matter what, but I am finding that is not the case. I have gotten one zucchini off from it and one tiny one the size of my pinkie finger that turned yellow on the end and started drying up. I went on line to see if I could find some answers and found out something that I thought was pretty interesting.

Zucchinis have male and female flowers and the male flowers are usually the first to appear and will not produce fruit.
You can tell whether a flower is male or female by the presence of a small swelling at the base of the flower. The swelling will turn into a full-on fruit. If there is no swelling, and only a prickly stem is present, this is a male flower. Pick them off for eating -- they're great in salads or lightly braised with red sweet peppers -- or leave them intact. Removal of male flowers will not affect fruit formation. (which I think is odd why do they produce male and female flowers if they are not needed for fruit production?)

I don't want my zucchini to grow that big but to have some grow would be nice.

They also say not to water from overhead which is the same for tomatoes and probably every other fruit/ veggie out there. It seems odd that when it rains they are getting watered from overhead and that doesn't seem to matter. I am to lazy to set up my soaker hose and to tell you the true I was not that impressed with it last year. I don't have time to stand in the garden and water everything from below. I am putting the over head sprinkler on the yard in the morning. It's nice because it hits the whole yard. It makes for an easier time watering and I would think that would mean for happier plants.

On the other hand my pickle cucumbers that are growing in the same space as the Zucchini have a pickle on the end of every flower. I cannot believe how well they are doing. They are climbing nicely up my bamboo pyramid- They are tiny, but still I have lots of them.

so I am off to see how many prickly stems I have or how many swelling stems I have. Do I need an ultra-sound machine as well. No wonder people think they don't have a green thumb....

Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm Going

I got a ticket to Wicked!!!! Well actually a girl from my book club got me a ticket. I spent an hour last night on line trying to get tickets. At ticket master I needed a password, well I didn't have the password and didn't know how to get the password. I spent a good part of the morning before 9am trying to get tickets on line, through the box office and then finally on the phone. Finally found out tickets didn't go on sale until 9am. Freaking out at 9:30 that I missed the 9am selling time I begin looking for tickets. The box office cannot sell them over the phone, Ticket Master phone number is busy or a nice recording telling me they are receiving to many calls at this time and to try back another time. Do they think that makes you feel better than hearing a busy signal? The internet ticket master could not find any tickets available for any of the shows at any price. I finally did find two tickets for a Thursday show at 2pm. No wonder that one was open everyone is working. Book club gal said hold off I have a route to try. She called me back and got to tickets to the Saturday September 16th 2pm show. We are going. I am so glad we did not wait around. I cannot believe how fast the tickets went. It is going to be so great.
Two great things to look forward to in September. The summer just began and I am ready for September.

This weekend is going to be tuff... 90 degrees all weekend. I just bought a window fan that sucks the hot air out and then at night you can suck in the cold air. Lets hope it cools off at night.

Tomorrow.... PSU farmers market...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wicked Tickets!

I guess tickets are on sale and I am freaking out. It's coming to the Keller Auditorium in September. I tried to order them from the ticket master website and I needed a password to do so. A gal in my book club said she could buy tickets before they go on sale to the public. I have been trying to reach her and she is not calling me back. Seats I found on line were about $100 and higher. I was thinking the $60 range would be about what I wanted to spend. If she doesn't call me by tomorrow I am calling Keller and getting two tickets.

What a great book. I just finished the second book "Son of a Witch".

Sunday, June 18, 2006

June 21- 3 days until SUMMER

Today in Portland- from the backyard

Summer Solstice
The timing of the summer solstice depends on when the Sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator. This occurs annually sometime between June 20 and 22, heralding the beginning of summer. The word solstice is from the Latin solstitium, from sol (sun) and stitium (to stop), reflecting the fact that the Sun appears to stop at this time (and again at the winter solstice). In temperate regions, we notice that the Sun is higher in the sky throughout the day, and its rays strike Earth at a more direct angle, causing the efficient warming we call summer. In the winter, just the opposite occurs: The Sun is at its southernmost point and is low in the sky. Its rays hit the Northern Hemisphere at an oblique angle, creating the feeble winter sunlight.

All next week it's going to be sunny and in the mid 70's. Sounds Perfect.

Today is the last day for the Strawberry social at Portland Nursery on Division. I went yesterday with my friend Kim. We have went the last two years. We meet up at the Beaverton Farmers market and then headed over there. I found a few treasures I have been wanting. A Calla Lily being one of them. It has spotted leaves and white flowers. It's in a pot on the deck. I hope it likes it there. I have never grown one so we will see.

I think next weekend I am going to go to the PSU farmers market. I drove by it yesterday and it's big. The Beaverton one is still my favorite but it's good to see what else is out there.

I had a new visitor to my yard- a dragon fly- He was hanging out on the tomato cage this morning. Brown, black and light blue. I have not been to close to one and found today that their heads are really pretty ugly. I like seeing them from a distance.

Last weekend Josh played at the Organic Brew Festival- it was held at the World Forestry Center by the Zoo. A few friends and I chilled on the stairs waiting for them to start playing. My favorite beer was the Chocolate Stout - from Bison Brew
It was very very tasty.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Dog Races

No he's not a Gray Hound

He can knock you down if he hits your knees just right

He's so fast he's a blur

Garden update...

Here are the Radish seedlings

little pickle

Sunday I planted two tomatoes... Sweet Olive and Sweet Million( not sure on the name). They are both cherry tomatoes, 2 Banana Peppers and 1 Jalapeno Pepper. I have not had much luck with peppers but since I decided to hold off on the beans I had some space to fill. I pulled up the last of the beets they didn't do much so I figure why continue to water them. For now everything is looking good. Peas are well under way. They are nice to snack on while hanging out in the yard. The lettuce is almost finished. I have a bag in the fridge and still enough left in the garden for a few more salads. Everything has spaced itself out nice. I haven't wasted that much and have had continue stuff to snack on.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weather What?

Today is one of those days where you don't want to be far from the house without your rain gear. I am glad I mowed the lawn yesterday.
Between showers I planted some radish seeds. The package says to plant early after last frost. I hope it's not to late. I started some in my wine crate- The lettuce I had in there didn't do so well. I have never grown lettuce. I guess you are suppose to cut it back when it's little and it will continue to grow. I tried thinning it and from there it went to seed. I think I missed a step. The other crate I didn't thin and it seemed to be growing fine. I just cut it back so we'll see if it comes back. I did have good luck with the butter lettuce. I have so much I gave some to the neighbor girls and the owners of the little store across the street.
I'm debating on planting beans. The package says not to grow them where you grew beans last year. What are you suppose to do when your garden is only so big. What will really happen if I plant them in the same space?
The cucumber I planted about a month ago died so I replaced it and now the replacement has died. What's up with that space? The other one is growing fine and is starting to get big enough I can train it to go up the bamboo pyramid.
The peas are going crazy and should be about ready to harvest the first batch.
The beets are questionable. I haven't pulled any up but the tops are not getting that big and they are kind of sun scorched. I'm debating about pulling up all the early stuff I planted and starting over. Maybe I will hold onto the bean seeds until next year and let the garden have a break from beans. I should use the space for a couple of tomatoes and then in August start another round of spinach and chard for the fall.
Well the sun is out so I should be debating about the garden outside instead of being in the house.