Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Baby hat Model

I hear baby on the way and I get the urge to knit something. I had lunch with a friend yesterday who is having a baby in January. Winter -the perfect time to knit cute new baby clothes. I love knitting baby stuff because in less than a morning you have a cute finished item.

I dusted off the knitting needles last night and started a hat chosen from the Oneskein book. Well after having not knitted all summer and it being night time, that I decided to start this project, I was positive that the pattern was incorrect. Nothing to do with me - this had to be the way the pattern was designed. Had they not knitted this before publishing the book? How could they be off stitches? I tore the hat out 4 times every time saying if I don't get it this time it has to be the patterns fault. What was making me crazy is the first half was perfect and then when I got around to end everything was off and a mess. Finally deciding to call it a night I put down the needles and went to bed.

Determined this morning to outwit the pattern- I sat down to a cup of coffee and some knitting...
The hat consist of 72 stitches broken down into 18 stitch segments... being the knitwit I am I decided to place a marker every 18 stitches so if I messed up I only had the stitches between the markers to find my error. This pattern consist of a lot of YO (yarn overs) - basically you are creating a stitch to make a hole (lacy look) and then k2tog (knit two together) to make up for the stitch you just created- keeping everything balanced and at 18 stitch segments. 12 rows later you have this nice scalloped edged rim for your hat. Moving on to a st st pattern making the body of the hat until it measures 3 1/4 from CO. Then finish up by decreasing until you have 8 stitches left- weave them in and you are done and this is what you have....

My model was not to happy being photographed and after taking the photo instantly jumped up and starting biting at me. I was able to save the hat from being shredded. Was he hungry, over worked, not his color? It's hard to find good help.

I tried another angle but the color is off. No the hat is not orange, but red.

The great thing is I have enough to make another- There a few babies that are going to be born from November- January.

It felt good to knit. Something I hadn't realized I missed until I started up.

Here is a peek at the wedding flowers. I have decided to go with roses and found a great lady at the PSU Farmers market. I have them ordered and ready for pick up in 2 weeks.

This next week is going to fly by. I have a busy busy week at work and a few last minute details for the wedding.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Fall's around the corner!

I cannot wait for Fall. Only 18 days. I am not ready for it to be raining every day but I am ready for the crisp coolness that comes first. Sunny yet cool enough for jeans and a long sleeve tee shirt- Perfect.

We are all moved and I have to say I really miss my yard. My cherry tomatoes were in full swing and the peppers were just starting to really produce. I am going to have to get creative because I will have to do a lot more container gardening. I hope it goes well because I didn't feel the lettuce I grew this spring in a container did that great. Maybe I didn't water it enough- I will have to watch that.
In my new yard I did acquire some plants I am not very good at taking care of- roses. The whole front yard is roses. I pruned them today, cut away all the dead and damaged branches. My arms look like I got in to a fight with a cat and man do they burn. I also uncovered an ant hill and a couple of them got in a few bites before I brushed them off. I planted some spinach seeds and I want to try planting garlic. I need to do a little more research on it but I know it's planted in the fall and then in the spring you have nice fresh garlic.

We have until November 1- before our first frost. If you are wondering about your area check out the Farmer's Almanac Site.

Fall is a great time to plant perennials, shrubs, and turf grass. Check out your perennial garden to see if there is anything that didn't make it through the summer or if there is something new you want to add. Planting new stuff isn't always just for the spring time. It's also time to start thinking about the bulbs you want to plant. Get them in the ground in the next month or so. You might have to water for a bit to get them through the early part of fall and if we experience an Indian summer.