Thursday, October 19, 2006

Winter Brews and Beaujolais Nouveau's

Shopping today after work I noticed the winter brews are out. They have probably been out for a bit but tonight I must of needed one because I noticed them for the first time.
Having not had it before I grabbed a New Belgium's 2 degrees below. Tasty~ a bit more hops than I tend to like but drinkable.

I am excited for the beaujolais nouveau's to be released. Pronounced bo-jo-lay. A regional wine from the town of Beaujolais in the Burgundy region of France. Beaujolais Nouveau (noovo) is a style of Beaujolais released annually on the 3rd Thursday of November. They are the first grapes of the season and the wine is meant to be drunk while it's young. I did hold a bottle over for a year and it was good. They say typically to drink within 6 months

A favorite of mine that I have gotten the past 3 years is from Alexander Valley - New Gewurz-

The white version of the Nouveau Beaujolais. I have only found it at New Season's. It has been fun to taste it over the years. Some years it's sweeter than others, some years more spice.

Main wineries you will find are:

George DuBoeuf
Joseph Drouhin
and the Alexander Valley for the white

I wonder what '06 has in store?

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