Sunday, January 28, 2007

bored puppy

So today has been a day of cooking and getting myself together for the week. My goal is to get going in the AM- stop being late for work and get to the gym more than once this week....

Miles hates days of cooking and cleaning, but he does love this blanket. He's thinking why must she fold it- there is not way for me to nest into it and sleep my day away- oh well I will get what I can from it. I think he would suckle it if he could.

I was able to felt another clutch- this one is a bit different. I thought it would end up like a coin purse, but when felting it doesn't really shrink as much width wise as it does length wise. I should have made it a bit longer. This was an experiement. I basically knitted a long rectangle and sewed up the sides leaving the blue for a flap. I will cut a hole and place a button on it. I pinned it so you get the idea.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Round 2

I was able to finish off the second clutch this morning and got it felted. The shape is a little different even though I used the same pattern. I think the circles in the middle made the yarn a little tighter so it felted a bit different.



I did practice the fair isle knitting and was able to get it down. I had to leave longer pieces in the back than I was used to, but it went a lot faster and ended up turning out.

The two bags I felted on Thursday are about dry. It takes a long time for the yarn to completely dry. I have my new bag sitting in the sun... Yes I said the sun- amazing.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fair Isle Knitting

I decided to knit my next clutch using the circle pattern from the site I spoke of earlier. I didn't have to alter the patern much because the clutch is divisable by 8 and so is the circle pattern.

As far as knitting with two colors I am moving along, but probably not as fast as I could. I don't quite have the fair isle knitting down. I move both colors along but after a few stitches I have to untangle them. I cannot knit with yarn in both hands.

Here's a link for Fair Isle Knitting that shows a video of different ways to knit with two yarns.

After watching this I am going to try some of the differnt techniques. I am not a continental knitter. I knit English and feel very comfy with it. Continentall is strange and makes me feel like a first time knitter. If you are trying to teach someone to knit and want to feel their frustration try knitting the other way. You will feel their pain.

So far this is what I have:

looks okay you just don't want to watch me do it.

here's the back side:

I am hoping the Aubergine and Limeade will felt nicely. I often think the hardest thing about knitting is fisrt trying to decide what to knit and then second trying to decide on a color. There are way to many options and it becomes over welming. I was trying to do a nice contrast and stay away from my normal picks. I seem to have a lot of pink and orange in my knitting basket right now. These are both colors I have never knitted with- so we will see. I hope to complete it this weekend and be able to felt soon after.

I guess I am off to practice some Fair Isle Knitting.... just when you think you have mastered it- you find something new to try.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Two Night Project

I had bought yarn the other night at knit night to make a neck warmer. Well after an hour with the pattern I was so fustrated and thought it was so ugly I tore it out and decided to go with something easy- something I didn't have to think about. Who needs a challenge- when you can have the glory of completion in two nights.

I went with the clutch you'll never give up from Oneskein
Lamb's Pride Bulky- Tahiti Teal. I had a small ball of a light blue so added the stripe- not sure on the color.

I started the clutch last night and tonight I had to finish the handles and then I felted it. The book shows buttons added to it- I was thinking of adding an orange felted flower- I will have a look around this weekend and see if anthing catches my eye.

I also had a bag laying around that I made this summer and was not happy with- looked like something you would drag out at Valentine's Day. I decided to felt it as well- thinking I might like it more. I made an icord for the handle.

so here are the before and afters.

I think my next project is going to be this hat I found on Thinking a different color skeim or else I can wear it when I carry my new felted bag.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Snow Flakes are falling on my head!

What do you do to get people out of their warm, cozy houses on a January night- have a little snow action. I got home from work around 5:30-not a snow flake in the air. Spent some time messing around with dinner. Decided around 6:30 to walk Miles- When I opened the door the whole ground was covered with snow. Wow. How excited Miles was- he wanted to run all over the place, but since he was on a lease he only got to the first step of the deck when he was yanked back because I was still in the house. We ran crazy down the street-happy because we were the first to mess up the pretty snow.

I walk Miles every night around the same time and there is no one out, I mean no one. Tonight there was a lady standing in her front yard with her daughter and as we got close she yelled snow, snow, snow. Lots of people just standing in their yards watching it snow. It's amazing how the NW handles snow. As I was telling a friend from Nebraska there could be a 1 in a billion chance it will snow and we have hour by hour coverage on the tv- storm alert plastered in the corner. You get to view every inch of the Portland Metro Area from every angle possible. Let not one snow flake fall with out complete coverage of it's travel from the cloud above to the small piece of ground it lands on. Let's hope that one flake causes some major hang up so that the coverage will continue on until long after it has melted. I am surprised that the President's speech was allowed to air- I mean we are under some serious weather conditions here.

By the time we get up in the morning it will probably all have melted as will our dreams of getting to call in because we cannot get out of driveways.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Garden

This season is going to be different for me when it comes to gardening. I can only container garden. We have a great patio on the side of the house that will get lots of afternoon sun and then I have the huge front porch that will have all day hot sun.

I need to start watching for things that I can use as containers. My favorite is the wooden wine boxes. You have to be careful because they do tend to dry out quickly, but don't all containers dry out quickly?

Things I must grow this year.... Winter daphne and a citrus shrub or two (dwarf citrus).

I tried reading up on growing citrus in the NW and only have found out about Kieffer limes... didn't know the fruit and leaves are used in Thai Food. They are little bumpy green limes. Not an attractive fruit. I need to The Portland Nursery and see what they have on hand. I wonder if you need two of them to have pollination and fruit? I know with blueberries you should have different varities to have a better crop.

So if you have any good container ideas pass them my way. I might have to ask the landlady if I can make a couple raised beds in the front between the sidewalk and the street. I know she wants to put in some trees, but until then I see some good gardening space.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Almost a year

I was just changing my blog around a bit and realized that I am almost at my 1 year anniversary. Only a year ago I was pondering a blog. Interested though doubtful... What would I call it, what would I write about, who would look at it?

Initally it was intended for gardening notes in the spring and summer and knitting notes in the fall and winter. A way for those friends and family afar to check in and see what was happening in my world. At times I have wondered away from those two themes- current obsessions are hard not to talk about.

Who knows what I will come across in the New Year, but know that you will get to read about them as soon as they happen.

Cotton Bowl '07