Saturday, March 31, 2007

Next Weekend!

Only one week to go and it's all the fresh local veggies and fruits one needs. PSU Farmers Market opens next weekend.

It has been a long winter of tastless veggies from the grocery.

I have my farmers market bag from Indigo Traders and I am ready to go!

A little reminder that Today is Fuschia Saturday at select Fred Meyer stores. $1 starts and they will pot up your purchases if you bring the containers!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What's Happening?

All my little Lemons are falling off? Not sure what is going on. Any ideas?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

two days left of WINTER

Only a couple days left of winter and what a way to spend it. Sitting outside in the sun looking through gardening books, cookbooks, and books on how to make the perfect preserves.... that's how I am spending one of the last days of winter.

Miles never wants to have his picture taken with me... he looks like he is dead!

So here is my new garden space..... This is what i have to work with!

See in the back the bamboo tripod? That is where I have my spinach and lettuce planted. I want to put this tripod thing over my sweet peas when they get going, but Miles seems to think he needs to lay in the dirt so he trys to get into the boxes and scratch around. I thought this might deter him from doing so.

some more garden shots and a little photo of love....

A bit of Michigan

a sneak peak at the future lemon of 2007!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Outside

Wow what an amazing day. Looking out this morning it looked like it would be cold out but once venturing out I realized it was quite pleasant. Jeans and tee shirt weather....

I have kicked off the gardening season!

Container 1- In the middle daffodils and around the outside edge sweet peas. Once they get going I have a tripod bamboo thing I will put over the top and the peas can grow up it.

Container 2- (a wooden wine crate)- spinach seeds.

Container 3- (another wooden wine crate)- butter lettuce.

Transplanted the daphnie into a larger pot. Put some nice fresh Garden Soil- which came in a bag- on top of my blueberries and other little plants that made it through the winter. Everything has a nice fresh top dressing.

I saw some peonies in someones yard and they were about 3 inches tall... mine are just starting to poke out of the soil. I moved them away from the house so hopefully they will start getting a bit more sun. I also moved the blueberries away from the house. I know we are not done with the wet weather so I left the spinach and lettuce close to the house so they don't flood. I hope they get enough sun to sprout.

I need yard sales start up soon so I can find some cheap containers. 5 gallon buckets work nice for tomatoes.

It being light longer is nice- I felt like I got a lot done today.

Spring Inside

Walking Miles this morning I found a pile of plum branches someone had left after pruning their trees.

Here's the lemon tree I bought last weekend. I am so excited. I hope to have some lemons soon. The garden center had tons of citrus plants. Some of the plants already had fruit. Lemons, limes, and organes. I picked this guy because he wasn't to expensive and he had tons of blooms. I have it in a sunny spot and have been trying to keep a grow light on it when I am at home. I don't like leaving it on when I am not home. Once it gets warm out (maybe around May) I will put it outside.
If I get one lemon I will be happy. Some of the buds are falling off before opening. I have never grown citrus so this is going to be an experiment.

Other garden center goodies... A winter daphnie that will hopefully bloom next year, some primroses, sweet peas and a couple of daffodils.