Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Outside

Wow what an amazing day. Looking out this morning it looked like it would be cold out but once venturing out I realized it was quite pleasant. Jeans and tee shirt weather....

I have kicked off the gardening season!

Container 1- In the middle daffodils and around the outside edge sweet peas. Once they get going I have a tripod bamboo thing I will put over the top and the peas can grow up it.

Container 2- (a wooden wine crate)- spinach seeds.

Container 3- (another wooden wine crate)- butter lettuce.

Transplanted the daphnie into a larger pot. Put some nice fresh Garden Soil- which came in a bag- on top of my blueberries and other little plants that made it through the winter. Everything has a nice fresh top dressing.

I saw some peonies in someones yard and they were about 3 inches tall... mine are just starting to poke out of the soil. I moved them away from the house so hopefully they will start getting a bit more sun. I also moved the blueberries away from the house. I know we are not done with the wet weather so I left the spinach and lettuce close to the house so they don't flood. I hope they get enough sun to sprout.

I need yard sales start up soon so I can find some cheap containers. 5 gallon buckets work nice for tomatoes.

It being light longer is nice- I felt like I got a lot done today.

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ccb said...

Happy it is almost really Spring to you! We had a warm beautiful day yesterday too and I am ready to hang up my skiis now. But fact has it that the lovely April blooming bulbs that I was so fond of in Portland are no longer a reality. Bummer. I am jealous that you are planting already, as it is I dont think our rosemary made it through this winter. We are gardening on a whole new level now. Hopefully the rest of the perrenials from our garden survived. I am anxious to see what happens. I will definetly post pictures. Hope all is well in your world. Miss you. Happy Planting!