Sunday, March 18, 2007

two days left of WINTER

Only a couple days left of winter and what a way to spend it. Sitting outside in the sun looking through gardening books, cookbooks, and books on how to make the perfect preserves.... that's how I am spending one of the last days of winter.

Miles never wants to have his picture taken with me... he looks like he is dead!

So here is my new garden space..... This is what i have to work with!

See in the back the bamboo tripod? That is where I have my spinach and lettuce planted. I want to put this tripod thing over my sweet peas when they get going, but Miles seems to think he needs to lay in the dirt so he trys to get into the boxes and scratch around. I thought this might deter him from doing so.

some more garden shots and a little photo of love....

A bit of Michigan

a sneak peak at the future lemon of 2007!


ccb said...

I love your hair long! John and I love it when you post pictures of Miles! He makes us smile :)
Hope to see you sooner than and miss

upinthecloudsnat said...

i love your long hair too! :) okay you... hopefully we can have coffee together soon!