Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cute Skirt

Had my first class and have my homework almost done.

I am not sure why I was nervous... it ended up being pretty simple. I think reading a pattern is what makes sewing intimidating.

Basically you cut 8 panels and have a waist band and that's that. I wish the class was 4 hours instead of spread out into 2 classes of 2 hours. I would be able to wear my skirt tomorrow.

I thought about moving forward and just finishing the skirt- but then what would I do in the next class and would that be showing off????

Here's what I have so far.

Front 3 panels

Back 5 panels

This might be something that I will enjoy once I make it and actually end up wearing it.

I see some other skirts in my future. Black panels with black and white polka dot panels mixed in.... or a cordoury skirt.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

ho hum....

so far the weekend hasn't added up to much except...

did open second savings account- BIG LETTERS ACROSS CHECK BOOK COVER---HOUSE MONEY---
in this account I will place every last penny that I can spare to go towards buying a house- or once buying a house be able to fix some things on the house, or buy stuff to put in house.

Need to be more serious about my money- though IKEA opened this week about 2 minutes from my house--- need to set IKEA budget and stick to it. I can ride my bike to IKEA- that could be savings in it self. Can only buy what can carry home on bike and riding bike would save gas money- I think I have a plan.

Rest of the afternoon spent cruising the Couve.... The longest I have been in the couve was for a the 4th Harry Potter movie and for a graduation party!

Looked at 6 houses. Of those 6 there was 1 that we liked- the only thing is it needs some work and we are not sure we can afford the work it needs- new roof on the house and the garage- and the chimney looks like it's separateing from the house.--- bathroom needs an upgrade- it's pretty much wall to wall carpet---needs new windows... all this stated the seller is not fixing anything- sell as is.

The rest of the day is left to checking out some houses in N. Portland and maybe cooking some dinner.

Tomorrow high lites- sewing class- my fabric is drying as we speak...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

RC Steak House

Got my fabric for my "sew a cute skirt" class. Cannot wait to actually learn how to sew something that will hopefully, in the end, fit me. Have not had good luck in the past.

Happy hour at Ruth's Chris Steak House- Yum.... we brought our own wine and they didn't charge us corkage..... What a great place.

Good food, good conversation, good friends, good way to end a muggy weekend.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Did you get your Harry Potter book last night at midnight?

I had ordered mine back in March from Amazon- Them saying I would have it by the release date.... no I won't get it until next wednesday or so.

I should have learned. I think I did the same thing with the last book and ended up buying it at the grocery long before my copy was to arrive- probably for the same price or lower.

We'll just have to wait.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

No House for Us

We decided not to go with the house- in the end it was just to small. There were lots of red flags and our guts were telling us no but we plugged along hoping it would work out. On the very last day we could walk away with out loosing any money we decided it just wasn't the house for us.

We continue our journey- I hope the next house we find I am totally in love with it and I don't have such mixed feelings. This has been a stressful month.

I guess a few days to relax and get over the cold I have and then back to the drawing board.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Still Waiting....

We are still waiting to hear back about the things we want fixed on the house. They have until Wednesday to respond. They were quick with the counter offer- so not sure about this.

At this point if they don't want to fix the things we requested we are ready to walk. If it's not meant to be then it won't be... I just wish if it wasn't meant to be, we would have found out a lot sooner...

Hopefully we will know more tomorrow. Maybe they are getting bids on the stuff to fix.

Friday, July 13, 2007

It's hot

I feel like such a whimp. It's 85 out and I am so over the heat. Next week is suppose to be in the 70's and I cannot wait.

Last night we had a thunder storm. We get a lot of rain but we do not get a lot of thunder and lighting. It passed over pretty quickly- gave us a little rain- not much.

Miles didn't like it- he barked and ran around the yard. He has become quite a sap in his old age. He doesn't like loud noises. He's a corn fed pup from NE and he is barking at a little thunder- jeez!

Friday the 13th-

I noticed the check number I used to start escrow was 1970- the year I was born- thought maybe this was a good sign. Now today is the day we are sending over the items we would like to be fixed- going off the inspection we had. Is that a good thing or bad thing?

We are pretty much asking for everything- hoping we get a couple of the main things- new hot water heater/ chimney repaired/ some outlets repaired/ and some loose ends under the house that need to be taken care of.

Every one keeps asking are you in love with this house? Was anyone in love with their first house- it's the biggest purchase I have ever made in my life- I thought buying a car was tough- I cannot afford to buy the house I would be in love with. Will I grow to love this house? Probably. We will make it our home and I am sure when it comes time down the road when we are thinking it's time to sell and up grade I will sit on the front porch and cry and say I don't want to move- I love my neighborhood, I love our little house- I don't want to move.... I see a pattern!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Todays the Day

Our inspections starts at 1pm..... We will know all this houses dirtly little secrets.
If we find anything and want to back out we can- nothing lost on our end- just the cost of the inspector- if we ask the seller to fix the stuff we find they have 3 days to say if they are going to or not. If all goes well we just wait for closing which will hopefully happen around the 8th of August!

Yesterday it was a 100 degrees and today it's suppose to be just as hot. I didn't think to look and see how hot it was inside last night- this morning it's 83 in our house.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


So far today had my breaks checked- they are fine no need for new ones- had the oil changed- ate a bagel and had some coffee.

Not sure what else to do with myself. When I don't have things planned to do I feel strange and out of sorts. I go go go so much that when I have free time I don't know what to do with myself.

Ended up going by the house to have another look around. Got to see how the sun was hitting it around noon- Will be able to have veggie garden in the back yard. Was thinking I would build raised beds in the space between the sidewalk and street- found out there is no space- sidewalk goes right to the street. Realized Josh and I have different ideas about the fence we want to build.... That will be interesting- I had no idea he was thinking that way.

Need to start a plant wish list. I was saying today how there are no yards in my neighborhood that I really like. I have a couple that I enjoy but they have things I would do different. Walking Miles tonight I found one that seems to be what I am looking for. I wonder if I take a photo of it will they think I am a stalker? Should I ask first? I used to think I only like sun loving plants and how boring it would be to have to garden with shade plants, but the more I think about it I think I would enjoy a shade garden more. I have the front of the house that will be mostly shade some sun in the late evening and there is spot in the backyard where i can make a nice shade garden. I cannot wait! I am counting the chickens before they are hatched....

After dreaming we had lunch in possibly our new neighborhood- then I decided I was going to go pick blueberries. If I put it off any longer I won't go. Unable to find anyone to go with me- I ventured out to Sauvie Island to my favorite place- My favorite place has a new name and has expanded a little. It was great- I filled two buckets pretty quickly- It was nice because I was able to chat with a friend from NE while picking- that made the time go by faster.

4- 1 quart bags are in the freezer and I have a large bowl left over to munch on for the next few days. I think I need to go one more time and that will be enough to keep me happy until next season.

Here are the smallest photos you will ever see. I took them with my phone.

Cherry Tomatoes that I grew-

Thursday, July 05, 2007


the inspection is set for Wednesday- it will make or break the deal. There are a couple things we are concerned about and it will be interesting to see what the inspector has to say.
I am wondering what happens if the guy finds something wrong. We have 10 days to have an inspection- so on the 6 day he finds something- do they have 4 days to fix it or say they are not going to fix it or take money off the asking price? This is another one of those obsticals that will probably end up making me crazy when I have to deal with it.
I looked back on last years blog and I was going through kind of the same thing- I was moving and getting ready for a wedding.... What will happen next year?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!

It's the 4th! Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

it's not over

so we had to meet in the middle- that's fine.
Still have to make it through the home inspection-
Every one says you don't sound like you are in love with it... We'll as my friend put it "It's not like Christmas Morning!" There are so many factors you have to deal with. Even if I was buying my dream home- I don't think I would be out front doing cart wheels.
I have a hard time choosing what hair products to buy- why do you think buying a house would be an easy thing?

I see potential- fence- garden- landscape-

Maybe when we are having a house warming party I will be out front doing cart wheels. Until then avoid me because I am an emotional roller coaster.


We have an offer in on a house!
So many emotions- lots to think about- I guess we just hold on and see how it all comes out in the end.
Will know later today!
Think good thoughts.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend of the 4th

It's hard to belive the 4th is around the corner- In the middle of the week no less. It will be nice to have a break mid week-
so far the fireworks have not been bad. Miles absolutly looses his mind when he hears fireworks. I feel bad for him because he gets so upset.

This weekend has involved lots of house hunting- a few to rent- ugh- I cannot believe what people think is clean- and a few to buy. Later today we are checking out two places in SE. One we drove by yesterday- cute- small- in great condition and in our price range a +. The other has been on the market for a bit and the price has been up and down- not sure if that's a good thing.

Will end the weekend with a party in the park- a birthday party/ potluck.

The 4th of July is the official kick off to summre in Pdx. After the 4th the weather turns nice and we can enjoy the summer.