Saturday, July 07, 2007


So far today had my breaks checked- they are fine no need for new ones- had the oil changed- ate a bagel and had some coffee.

Not sure what else to do with myself. When I don't have things planned to do I feel strange and out of sorts. I go go go so much that when I have free time I don't know what to do with myself.

Ended up going by the house to have another look around. Got to see how the sun was hitting it around noon- Will be able to have veggie garden in the back yard. Was thinking I would build raised beds in the space between the sidewalk and street- found out there is no space- sidewalk goes right to the street. Realized Josh and I have different ideas about the fence we want to build.... That will be interesting- I had no idea he was thinking that way.

Need to start a plant wish list. I was saying today how there are no yards in my neighborhood that I really like. I have a couple that I enjoy but they have things I would do different. Walking Miles tonight I found one that seems to be what I am looking for. I wonder if I take a photo of it will they think I am a stalker? Should I ask first? I used to think I only like sun loving plants and how boring it would be to have to garden with shade plants, but the more I think about it I think I would enjoy a shade garden more. I have the front of the house that will be mostly shade some sun in the late evening and there is spot in the backyard where i can make a nice shade garden. I cannot wait! I am counting the chickens before they are hatched....

After dreaming we had lunch in possibly our new neighborhood- then I decided I was going to go pick blueberries. If I put it off any longer I won't go. Unable to find anyone to go with me- I ventured out to Sauvie Island to my favorite place- My favorite place has a new name and has expanded a little. It was great- I filled two buckets pretty quickly- It was nice because I was able to chat with a friend from NE while picking- that made the time go by faster.

4- 1 quart bags are in the freezer and I have a large bowl left over to munch on for the next few days. I think I need to go one more time and that will be enough to keep me happy until next season.

Here are the smallest photos you will ever see. I took them with my phone.

Cherry Tomatoes that I grew-

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natty said...

i feel bad that i didn't go with you blueberry picking. :( but what does make me smile are your SO-VERY-SMALL photos taken via your pink cellie. too adorable. wow! you picked a good 3 quarts more than i did from last weekend.

well... i am cleaning up today. i want to go see the movie the transformers.

can i take you out for another drink on Friday. i can't wait to celebrate the hatchlings that are about to walk into your life! let me know when the move date is so i can help you out. and i was thinking as a house-warming party you should ask everyone to bring a plant or something for your new garden to be.

much love you and see you soon!!!!