Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cute Skirt

Had my first class and have my homework almost done.

I am not sure why I was nervous... it ended up being pretty simple. I think reading a pattern is what makes sewing intimidating.

Basically you cut 8 panels and have a waist band and that's that. I wish the class was 4 hours instead of spread out into 2 classes of 2 hours. I would be able to wear my skirt tomorrow.

I thought about moving forward and just finishing the skirt- but then what would I do in the next class and would that be showing off????

Here's what I have so far.

Front 3 panels

Back 5 panels

This might be something that I will enjoy once I make it and actually end up wearing it.

I see some other skirts in my future. Black panels with black and white polka dot panels mixed in.... or a cordoury skirt.


The Maunderers said...

I love the skirt! Hey, you wanna become my personal seamstress and sew me some new clothes? I almost cried yesterday when I realized that the jeans I could almost zip up a few day s after delivery, I can now BARELY squeeze over my thighs!!

I guess that's what drinking beer and eating donut holes every night will do to you.

natty said...

nice! beautiful skirt colors and exciting!

can't wait to see you this weekend. can i come over? he he...