Saturday, July 21, 2007


Did you get your Harry Potter book last night at midnight?

I had ordered mine back in March from Amazon- Them saying I would have it by the release date.... no I won't get it until next wednesday or so.

I should have learned. I think I did the same thing with the last book and ended up buying it at the grocery long before my copy was to arrive- probably for the same price or lower.

We'll just have to wait.

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ccb said...

We were supposed to go to the movie first and then to the Barnes and Noble party where I reserved my copy...turns out we were too tired and couldn't stay up that late- I guess we are getting old- so we did we have Pink Martini tonight ( Gosh- 2 late nights in a row would've been a disaster!) so I will have to pick it up tomorrow! I can't wait to begin the final journey, I don't plan on putting it down!