Thursday, July 05, 2007


the inspection is set for Wednesday- it will make or break the deal. There are a couple things we are concerned about and it will be interesting to see what the inspector has to say.
I am wondering what happens if the guy finds something wrong. We have 10 days to have an inspection- so on the 6 day he finds something- do they have 4 days to fix it or say they are not going to fix it or take money off the asking price? This is another one of those obsticals that will probably end up making me crazy when I have to deal with it.
I looked back on last years blog and I was going through kind of the same thing- I was moving and getting ready for a wedding.... What will happen next year?

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natty said...

cheers to blogging! to help remind us! :)

i wish i could tell you what to expect but not being a homeowner yet myself, i'm walking thru this watching you from a far. :)

it will all work out!