Tuesday, July 03, 2007

it's not over

so we had to meet in the middle- that's fine.
Still have to make it through the home inspection-
Every one says you don't sound like you are in love with it... We'll as my friend put it "It's not like Christmas Morning!" There are so many factors you have to deal with. Even if I was buying my dream home- I don't think I would be out front doing cart wheels.
I have a hard time choosing what hair products to buy- why do you think buying a house would be an easy thing?

I see potential- fence- garden- landscape-

Maybe when we are having a house warming party I will be out front doing cart wheels. Until then avoid me because I am an emotional roller coaster.


ccb said...

Wowzer! Good for you guys...sending you good vibes!
Will you still be visiting next month? I'd love to see you, let me know, Aug is filling up fast!

The Maunderers said...

Well, I think buying a home is such a huge daunting purchase that it's easy to feel more overwhelmed than excitement. Maybe when you walk in for the first time, keys in hand, as the actual owners you'll feel more of that joy. I do see a ton of potential!