Thursday, July 19, 2007

No House for Us

We decided not to go with the house- in the end it was just to small. There were lots of red flags and our guts were telling us no but we plugged along hoping it would work out. On the very last day we could walk away with out loosing any money we decided it just wasn't the house for us.

We continue our journey- I hope the next house we find I am totally in love with it and I don't have such mixed feelings. This has been a stressful month.

I guess a few days to relax and get over the cold I have and then back to the drawing board.


ccb said...

It will all work out in the end, your house is out there!

I will likely be in PDX for most of the week of Sept. 17th for a conference, I look forward to catching up in person!

natty said...

yep yep! all is good. things happen for a reason and always for a good one! :) :) :)

i am looking forward to hearing more about your journey and the steps you take that bring you closer and closer to the home that you will LOVE!!! xo xo xo

miss you~ i want to go see a movie this weekend. care to join me?