Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I did not know...

There was going to be a Total Lunar Eclipse this morning.

I was taking Josh to work at 4:30am and the eclipse had just recently started to turn back.

I tried to capture some photos but when the shutter speed is so slow it's hard not to wiggle a little bit - the photos are a little shaky.

It looks like some crazy pac man's-- pac moon.

Eclipse Homepage

Next total lunar eclipse is Feb 21, 2008

Sunday, August 26, 2007

feels like the end up summer

Roses from the front yard-

I have been on a cleaning kick all day.

I have all the curtains in the washer, have rearranged the kitchen and cleaned the floors, detailed the bathroom floor and cleaned out a corner of the livingroom that had all my yarn and stuff crowded under the end table. Cleaned out the fireplace and then moved outside.

The sun is changing so my plants are not getting much afternoon sun. I moved them all around, weeded and cleaned up the patio area.

The last of the red cherry tomatoes!

After looking at my yarn I decided I need to get thinking of some christmas gifts and maybe start on some projects.

A busy day of cleaning made Miles sleepy. Doing what he does best.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

not so chatty

Some months I seem to have lots to say- this month not so much.

Was able to finish second cute skirt- when I want something new to wear I can just make a new skirt. I need to find a easy shirt pattern.

This has been a lazy Sunday- mostly watched movies. Thumbsucker and Harry Potter 5.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

one red

I have one red tomato- no bread to toast and have a toasted tomato sandwich.... I really need to get to the grocery.

There are more to come, but so far only one. My green grapes are still really green- have to wait until they turn a yellowish green - then they are ready to pick.

I feel bad I have not made it to the farmers markets the last couple of Saturdays. It seems to be how it goes. In the Spring I am so ready for fresh veggies I cannot wait for the market to start, around this time of year I feel over it and find there are other things in life that take me away from the market- this summer seems to be buying a house takes up most of my spare time.

Tonight I am going to cut out another cute skirt- I found some fabric at a resale shop and plan to make a skirt this weekend to wear Monday. I stopped to check out this red leather chair I had been eyeing. This resale shop is odd- they are not always open and I am not sure if they keep regular hours. I have seen the chair there for the last couple of weeks and everytime I want to stop the traffic is crazy and I just drive by. Well Friday night I saw it while waiting for the light to change and decided to stop in and have a look. I ended up getting it. It's in pretty good shape and the price was reasonable. I have a dorm chair in the living room that I bought at bed bath and beyond - it folds up and can fit in a corner- I decided it was time for that chair to go and get a bit better one. This is a step up- with a little leather cleaner it will be great.

I will try and post photos later.

Well I am off to make a new skirt- drink some wine and enjoy my Saturday night.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Still Growing

My one lone lemon is still hanging on. Everyday I look to see if it has fallen off... everyday it's still there! I noticed the other day that there is a new little lemon- its about the size of a large olive.

Lots of green tomatoes. The cherry tomoatoes went crazy and have been picking them regularly. The others are still green but getting bigger.

The green grape tomato has some fruit but not many. It seems to dry out faster than the other- it looks stressed.

Another photo of me making Miles get his photo taken- he hates it.