Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I did not know...

There was going to be a Total Lunar Eclipse this morning.

I was taking Josh to work at 4:30am and the eclipse had just recently started to turn back.

I tried to capture some photos but when the shutter speed is so slow it's hard not to wiggle a little bit - the photos are a little shaky.

It looks like some crazy pac man's-- pac moon.

Eclipse Homepage

Next total lunar eclipse is Feb 21, 2008


ccb said...

we did not find out until the next morning- john even woke up at 3:00, wish we knew- it would have been cool!

natty said...

check my blog for a response to your comment. xo.

natty said...

i have ANOTHER idea. i'm going to pick up that magazine this PM and bring it to you afterall! xo