Saturday, August 11, 2007

one red

I have one red tomato- no bread to toast and have a toasted tomato sandwich.... I really need to get to the grocery.

There are more to come, but so far only one. My green grapes are still really green- have to wait until they turn a yellowish green - then they are ready to pick.

I feel bad I have not made it to the farmers markets the last couple of Saturdays. It seems to be how it goes. In the Spring I am so ready for fresh veggies I cannot wait for the market to start, around this time of year I feel over it and find there are other things in life that take me away from the market- this summer seems to be buying a house takes up most of my spare time.

Tonight I am going to cut out another cute skirt- I found some fabric at a resale shop and plan to make a skirt this weekend to wear Monday. I stopped to check out this red leather chair I had been eyeing. This resale shop is odd- they are not always open and I am not sure if they keep regular hours. I have seen the chair there for the last couple of weeks and everytime I want to stop the traffic is crazy and I just drive by. Well Friday night I saw it while waiting for the light to change and decided to stop in and have a look. I ended up getting it. It's in pretty good shape and the price was reasonable. I have a dorm chair in the living room that I bought at bed bath and beyond - it folds up and can fit in a corner- I decided it was time for that chair to go and get a bit better one. This is a step up- with a little leather cleaner it will be great.

I will try and post photos later.

Well I am off to make a new skirt- drink some wine and enjoy my Saturday night.

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natty said...

the days are passing us by so fast. and i love the color Red.