Sunday, September 23, 2007


In celebration I made pumpkin muffins... using a Down East Maine recipe I found on the internet.

Here's a couple steps in the creation of goodness.

used the fun mini cups we got as a wedding gift- thanks John and Christine.... they work great!

Since today is our one year anniversary I got out the little bride and groom that were on top of our wedding cupcakes and took there photo. They look so cute on top of a cupcake. They are such a charming couple.

Here's a couple photos from last weekend. We went for a hike with friends in WA park.

Test roses...

Most of these photos posted are done by Josh- he makes me a little angry because he takes better photos than me!

Well this weekend was fun. We spent our anniversary night in Eugene. Josh played out down there last night so we decided to stay. It was nice to lounge around- it was like we were on a mini tour.

I received news the other day that a good friend is going to be having her second baby in November---- that means baby knitting. I started a little hat for him and am thinking will make matching (different color/ same style) for big brother. I love knitting for fall and winter babies.

I think I am all caught up. I am still working on sock number 2. Have the cuff done and am working on the leg.... need to stay focused on that project and not get carried away with fast baby knits.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Morning Hike

Got up this morning and went for a morning hike with Miles, Josh and couple friends. We started in NW portland and headed into Washington park near the test rose garden. It was pretty much up hill from their house to the rose garden so at first I was thinking what the.... i felt like we sprinted to the top. Out of breath we continued through the test garden- made our way to something that looked like a trail. After climbing our way through over turned trees and debris we made it to the official trail where there was a orange fencing stopping people from going down there. I guess they should have had it at the bottom as well.

Meandering through Washington park felt good. I had not been there for a while. Miles was able to run off leash so that made him happy. He is now passed out on the futon so sleepy that his lips are stuck up on his teeth- it looks like he is smiling. We made our way to the japanese garden and back to the test garden and back to the car.

It was a nice hike and felt good to get out.

Pictures to be posted later- camera battery is charging.

I have a new project to work on- well two projects. Last fall I started a pair of socks and got one almost finished- I got the magazine the pattern was in back from Natty and decided to finish the one and get started on the second. Maybe I can finish it in time to give it as a christmas gift. Looking back on my old notes the second sock is going to be just as foreign as the first. I need to be a better note taker.

Second project is to make a slip cover for a ottoman I was given. I looked on line for a way to do it and basically you buy enough fabric to cover it- place the fabric face down on the ottoman pin the sides into triangles cut and sew- done.

If it sounds odd check out the website

Our sofa is brown leather and we have a red leather chair- the rug is browns and reds. Right now the ottoman is blue- country blue- I am thinking a red flower pattern or maybe a more modern pattern with shapes.

The hardest thing about sewing I think is picking the fabric. If someone would just pick it out and say here sew- that would be great. I really dread going to the fabric store. We have a fabric Depot and it's endless fabric and it's so over whelming. Then we have the local trendy fabric store Bolt- every thing is cute and easy to see- more expensive but it makes shopping for fabric easier- so I guess to save myself the stress I would rather pay a little more per yard and shop at Bolt.

Photos of before and afer ottoman to come later- remember camera battery charging.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Went to the farmers market yesterday for the first time in a while. The summer always seems to get busy and I take a break from going. The spring is all about going and then after not going for a while I realize it's not going to be happening much longer and I need to go.

Not many squash out yet- one stand had a couple. I was excited to find some apples- MacIntosh (Josh's favorite) and Honey Crisp (My favorite)! The honey crisp are always on the expensive side, but so worth it. I tried a pink something- not very pretty on the outside but a lovely shade of pink on the inside- they are tart- wow pucker! They would make a beautiful apple sauce.

Will have to do the fruit loop soon. I love fall and am happy it's around the corner. Even though it's still in the 80's the air is changing and it's a cool 80's.

I am wondering if I can do an apple/ rhubarb crisp- or will it be to tart. Going to have to search that one out.

I had my eye on some leeks thinking potato leek soup sounded good- but then felt it's not quite chilly enough to start making soups. Maybe in the next week or two.