Sunday, September 09, 2007


Went to the farmers market yesterday for the first time in a while. The summer always seems to get busy and I take a break from going. The spring is all about going and then after not going for a while I realize it's not going to be happening much longer and I need to go.

Not many squash out yet- one stand had a couple. I was excited to find some apples- MacIntosh (Josh's favorite) and Honey Crisp (My favorite)! The honey crisp are always on the expensive side, but so worth it. I tried a pink something- not very pretty on the outside but a lovely shade of pink on the inside- they are tart- wow pucker! They would make a beautiful apple sauce.

Will have to do the fruit loop soon. I love fall and am happy it's around the corner. Even though it's still in the 80's the air is changing and it's a cool 80's.

I am wondering if I can do an apple/ rhubarb crisp- or will it be to tart. Going to have to search that one out.

I had my eye on some leeks thinking potato leek soup sounded good- but then felt it's not quite chilly enough to start making soups. Maybe in the next week or two.


ccb said...

Macintosh- My favorite too! They are so hard to come by out west- please tell Josh I am jealous- it is funny cuz my mother is here right now and I was telling her yesterday in the market that I look for Macs everwhere,everytime, and it is such a treat when I find them once or twice a year. As far as I am concerned they make the best apple pie in the world too!

natty said...

thankies for the book website add and for the invite... yay! things are going aokay on my end. i hope we can have more nights out like this past Friday night. xo. crazy thing is i'm not much of an apple eater. my favorite fruit would be... a navel orange. YUM!

i'd love to try your potato leek soup sometime. winter is fast approaching...

nat out