Sunday, September 23, 2007


In celebration I made pumpkin muffins... using a Down East Maine recipe I found on the internet.

Here's a couple steps in the creation of goodness.

used the fun mini cups we got as a wedding gift- thanks John and Christine.... they work great!

Since today is our one year anniversary I got out the little bride and groom that were on top of our wedding cupcakes and took there photo. They look so cute on top of a cupcake. They are such a charming couple.

Here's a couple photos from last weekend. We went for a hike with friends in WA park.

Test roses...

Most of these photos posted are done by Josh- he makes me a little angry because he takes better photos than me!

Well this weekend was fun. We spent our anniversary night in Eugene. Josh played out down there last night so we decided to stay. It was nice to lounge around- it was like we were on a mini tour.

I received news the other day that a good friend is going to be having her second baby in November---- that means baby knitting. I started a little hat for him and am thinking will make matching (different color/ same style) for big brother. I love knitting for fall and winter babies.

I think I am all caught up. I am still working on sock number 2. Have the cuff done and am working on the leg.... need to stay focused on that project and not get carried away with fast baby knits.

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The Maunderers said...

Hey, I recognize said friends! Looks like you all had fun. Man how I miss hiking in the park.

Well, this is boring suburbia girls signing off. (oh, and save me a cupcake!!)