Saturday, October 06, 2007

Apple craze

Last weekend I did the fruit loop. Lots of apples and pears to be bought. I think some of the stands didn't have their apples labeled correctly. When I got home Josh informed me that the MacIntosh I bought were not really MacIntosh- which after looking at them more carefully I had to agree with him. I also bought some Winter Banana's- realizing they are not true either. I was able to find some honey Crisp that didn't cost a fortune. I have to say they are not the prettiest apples but they sure taste great! I am very picky when it comes to fruit- making eating organic difficult- I like my fruit to look pretty. Finally some Rome's thinking I would make some yummy apple tart/ crisp/ somthing something out of them.

Found a few pears as well- these would be great poached with some sweetness drizzled over them.

A week later the imposter MacIntosh are gone. The Honey Crisp still have a couple lingering in the bowl. The Winter Banana's are hanging out in the trash- they were so hard and gross I couldn't handle them any more. The rome's are looking beautiful waiting to be cooked.

After pouring through my cook books and looking on line I am going with an Apple Galette

Basically a tart without having to use a tart pan. Am looking forward to it. I have to pop over to the store to get some more butternut squash for some soup and think I need to get some vanilla ice cream to go with it.

Tomorrow some friends are coming over and they are each bringing a soup and I am going to make a butternut squash/ ginger/ lime soup along with some dill biscuits and we are going to have a little soup pot luck. I think the apple treat will make for a nice dessert!

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ccb said...

Imposter Macs- How dare they?!
I am still on the hunt for some myself.
You should really come visit- Nov 3rd is my big Comedy Benefit, it is a ton of fun and you could be my guest (course it will require a little bit of work :o))