Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chicken of the woods

A few streets over there is this nice grassy median between two streets. It's lined with trees and goes for about 8 blocks or so. I often walk Miles through there and the other night I happened to be looking up at the trees and found something interesting.

I call them conkles, but when searching for their name on the internet I couldn't find anything under conkles. Finally I typed into Google- Fungus that you can carve. You often see them at craft shows- people varnish them and do crazy things with them.

The sight I found is calling them Shelf Fungi and did state that the woody shelfs resemble horse hoofs and are called conks.

Laetiporous Sulphureous- Sulphur Shelf Fungus- common name- Sulphur Shelf, chicken of the woods, mushroom chicken, rooster comb.

View from above-

Side View-

You can see some Lichen in there as welll-

I had found it the other night and when I went back with the camera I was on the wrong block looking for it so I was thinking someone had found it and harvested it for their craft project. After roaming around I found the right block and there it was.

While taking photos of it this lady walked by and asked me if was putting up a scary ornament... ya lady I go around the neighborhood parks and place scary ornaments up in trees--I said no it's just nature!

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natty said...

people are weird. the things they say! he he... and what a crazy form of plantlife. or it is not a plant? a fungus...

okay... i'm off to the beach this weekend with the girls. i've got this nasty knot on my back that is severely swollen. i haven't done anything wrong. am i being punished for something ;)... see you soon. natalie