Saturday, November 17, 2007

Movin' On

The next two weeks are going to be a bit crazy so I thought I would check in now. Not only are we heading into Thanksgiving week we are in the middle of packing up our house. We will be moving to a new place the first of December. We like moving during busy times.... our last move was a month before our wedding. Not stressful or anything.

Hopefully we will be all settled by Christmas.

Knitting has been put on hold- even though I have a baby gift to knit and some holiday knitting to get finished and started. Reading has pretty much been limited to a page or two before having to put the book down and turn out the light. Gardening has gone to bed for the winter...My lemon plant is pretty much loosing all it's leaves. I have two fruits one still green as a lime and the other has turned a nice shade of yellow- as well as the leaves that are falling off daily. I set up my grow light today. Maybe it needs a little more sun.

I should get some things done- so have a Happy Thanksgiving and I will be back hopefully before the winter sotlice!