Sunday, December 09, 2007


It's been a week and I think we are pretty much settled.

We hung some things on the wall yesterday. I have such a hard time committing to something on the wall. It's only a tiny hole in the wall but still once it's up I wonder will I like the place I chose, will it be straight, will it be centered? Josh tends to hang things to high. He is taller so it probably seems fine to him. He had hung some stuff while I was at work on Friday. I got home and within a hour I had to lower them. Just a bit but still I had to lower them. He has the computer room for all his things- Most stuff is about 8 inches from the ceiling. I have to crank my neck to have a look. Too High!

I am really excited about a print I had framed. I will take photos later and post. We need some large pieces because our place is big and there are lots of white walls.

I put up a humming bird feeder and so far one little guy has come to visit. He was there this morning but I was not able to get a good look. He has a dark back and head with a pink throat. I love having them come right up to the deck. I am thinking I might do a regular bird feeder as well. Get the sunflower seeds that have been shelled so there is not mess. I just hope it's to far for the squirrels to jump on the deck and hog all the treats.

Well I have to get ready for my work Holiday Brunch. We are heading to the Benson for some good food and Mimosas!


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natty said...

yeah! i love hummingbirds. its Sunday and i've almost recovered from my Friday night birthday bash. xo.