Sunday, February 24, 2008

2 x in one day

I charged the camera battery and was able to get the spring photos I took a few weekends ago downloaded.

Here's a little peak of the NW Spring and a little sewing project I have started!

Flowers in Multnomah Village

The beginning of my famers tote. The flower square is the inside pocket sewen onto the liner. The flower material will be the top of the tote and the raspberry material will be the liner and the bottom.

My new machine I got for Christmas.

Kristina's farmer tote she made and now is in the middle of making one for her mom and one for her aunt- while teaching me how to make one!

Maybe next weekend I can finish it!

Day of First

How could a day that has barely begun be filled with first?

Well... Miles and I were walking around the track at Reed College when I decided to explore a bit more. I have been told there is a lake/ pond on campus but have not spent any time looking for it. Today I decided to wander around a bit. I found a trail that goes all the way around the lake/ pond. It's the perfect little nature hike. Lots of ducks, geese and song birds. It took us about 1/2 an hour to get around. Miles likes to poke around so it's not like we were sprinting around. So we start out on the trail and I see some ducks across the way but they are not in the water they are up in the trees. The only ducks I know that hangs out in trees are Wood Ducks. As we go along a bit more I see their nesting boxes. Tall poles ith a box on the top with a pretty large hole for entering. As we get around to the other side they leave the trees and head into the water and sure enough I saw my first Wood Duck. I may have seen one in a zoo but that doesn't count. This is the wild. Not only did I see one there were two pairs of them. The male is so pretty and his marking are so distinct. I was wishing I had both my camera and my binoculars. So that was one of my first.

The second not so fun first is I'm in the process of cleaning my oven. I have cleaned oven's before but the old fashion way. Our current oven is a self cleaning oven and I'm a little scared. I checked on it a minute ago and there was a small flame in the bottom of the oven. I am not sure how long this process will take as there is no manual with the oven.

I figured oven cleaning would be a good project to start since I have to wait for the delivery guys to call me and tell me when they will be here. We bought a new kitchen table yesterday and it's to be delivered some time today. It was our first visit to City Liquidators (maybe it's a weekend of first)! That place is amazing. 3 levels of stuff and I mean stuff. There were areas that I was not sure I was suppose to be in. You just wander around and around and it never ends. We found our pub table on the 3 floor. Black wood that is a bit distressed- Table with Leaf and 4 chairs for under $500. I say we did good as we were going to go to Crate and Barrel and get a table only for almost that much. If you can handle looking through lots of stuff to find what you are after it's the place to go.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I saw the sun

I saw the sun today. I opened all the windows and moved some of my plants to the other room where they could enjoy some of the warm sun.
It's not really warm enough to have the windows wide open as my fingers are so cold it's hard to type. I just need to have the fresh air in the house. I long for spring.
I am going over to little Zane's house in a bit and we are going to go for a hike. I hope to find some spring things to photo and share when I get back.
I am still on the hunt for some winter Daphine.
Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 60's. I hope we are not disappointed.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm still here

I cannot belive Christmas Eve was last time I said anything on my blog!
I am still here... just not doing anything crafty or fun! I am hoping in the next few weeks I will start feeling more like doing stuff. I have things I want to knit just cannot seem to commit to getting started on anything.

I did get a new sewing machine for Christmas so I hope that will help me get started on some sewing projects. All I need is a kitchen table so I have a place to set up.

I was thinking last night that I am ready to smell some winter daphnie. I have a small plant on my patio and am not sure if it will bloom this year. I do have some daffodils that are up about 2 inches. I planted them this fall in a pot and forgot about them. A few weeks ago I noticed that they had popped up- so I figured I better start watering them. It's hard to remember to water the plants on the covered patio when it's pouring rain out all the time. I just assume they are getting wet- and they aren't.