Sunday, February 24, 2008

2 x in one day

I charged the camera battery and was able to get the spring photos I took a few weekends ago downloaded.

Here's a little peak of the NW Spring and a little sewing project I have started!

Flowers in Multnomah Village

The beginning of my famers tote. The flower square is the inside pocket sewen onto the liner. The flower material will be the top of the tote and the raspberry material will be the liner and the bottom.

My new machine I got for Christmas.

Kristina's farmer tote she made and now is in the middle of making one for her mom and one for her aunt- while teaching me how to make one!

Maybe next weekend I can finish it!


natty said...

love how you Sew! :)

i will buy one of your bags. they look great for carrying goodies from the market.


Kagrel said...

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