Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm still here

I cannot belive Christmas Eve was last time I said anything on my blog!
I am still here... just not doing anything crafty or fun! I am hoping in the next few weeks I will start feeling more like doing stuff. I have things I want to knit just cannot seem to commit to getting started on anything.

I did get a new sewing machine for Christmas so I hope that will help me get started on some sewing projects. All I need is a kitchen table so I have a place to set up.

I was thinking last night that I am ready to smell some winter daphnie. I have a small plant on my patio and am not sure if it will bloom this year. I do have some daffodils that are up about 2 inches. I planted them this fall in a pot and forgot about them. A few weeks ago I noticed that they had popped up- so I figured I better start watering them. It's hard to remember to water the plants on the covered patio when it's pouring rain out all the time. I just assume they are getting wet- and they aren't.

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ccb said...

Yay! Good to hear from you! I would love to smell some daphne too! What a lovely smell! We had one at the apartment. Froze during the big ice storm we had in 04 I think, anyway if we had one now it wouldn't matter because it would be buried under a few feet of snow!
BTY, I was just invited to this conference with Laura Bush- Helping America's Youth- it is in pdx on the 28th of this month, so I will be heading up the wed nite before, maybe we can meet for dinner. I hopefully will be staying at the Benson but I have not confirmed it yet. I will call you soon...