Friday, March 14, 2008


Sad the rain is back and it's back for the next week! I was starting to get spring fever really bad. Also, thinking I'm really going to miss not having a yard to mess around in. My patio is mostly in the shade. A small amount of sun makes it to the edge late in the day. Not that I know how far the sun will come over the apartment once we are in the middle of the summer, but I'm guessing not enough to have any fun sun plants on the patio. I will have to get a few annuals to add some color but I thinks that about all I will be able to do.

I was thinking of looking into a community garden in the area. I wonder how long it takes to get a plot and if I will really utilize it as much as I think I would. It may be more work than I am ready to do right now. It would have to be close to ensure that I go and keep it maintained.

I will have to get my gardening fix by going to the nursery and dreaming and maybe helping out friends with their yards.

I am ready for the farmers markets to start. PSU has to be starting up soon. They are the first.