Friday, May 30, 2008


I wish there were moe templates to choose from. I am bored with the options given.

I have not been putting much time into my blog. I find the blogs I like to look at mostly have photos- not much to say- just photos.

I need to take the camera with me next time I take a walk. There is a shrub that's blooming right now and I'm not sure what it is. By the flower it looks like a Laurel but the leaves and the way it's growing make me wonder.

Tomorrow is baby registration day. We are going to attempt to do so at the baby mega center- Babies "R" Us- it's so overwhelming. What ever there is that your baby needs you have over half a dozen to choose from. Maybe I should go with Target where the options are limited????

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natalie el-jourbagy said...

i can come over next weekend and show you how to change your template so its michele made. i can help you make it Michele loveable!~ and to your specific taste. he he! xo xo