Saturday, May 03, 2008


It's raining------------AGAIN!
The clouds were suppose to have burned off by early afternoon. Um it's 3:15pm- afternoon where?

I did make it to my first farmers market of the season. goodie's purchased:
- radishes
-baby turnips- to be roasted
- spinach
- new red potatoes- to be roasted
-leeks - for potato/ leek soup (currently being made)
-breakfast burrito
- Spanish tea cake
- banana bread with frosting

Here are a few of the photos from my trip to the tulip festival

My color is a little off but it was the best one of me in the bunch.

Josh made some ruhbarb tarts and hand pies

I'm off to finish my soup and to watch it rain!

1 comment:

natalie el-jourbagy said...

yay! you've made a rainy day SUNNY and bright after updating your blog for me (well for everyone else too, xo)... see you for tea a week from today. Muah!
xoxoxxox Steven wants a rhubarb pie --- can you teleport one over to our apartment???