Sunday, July 20, 2008

Perfect Day!

Today was our baby shower. It was a perfect day!

Lots of little gifts for Ben-

His Crib- with the party balloons

From his Gram and Gramp- Kim and Judy- they know he is going to be going to lots of farmers markets and will need lots of space for himself and his goodies. I love the cup holder. We wonder if Miles will ride in there or say no way?

More pictures will follow- my friends mom took lots of pictures so I will post them when she passes them along.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Crazy About

There are two things I cannot get enough of right now.

1) Black Velvet Apricots

2) PureHeart Seedless Watermelon

Both grown in the USA!

The Black Velvet Apricots are beautiful- fuzzy like an apricot, black as the name may have given away, inside apricot in color and delicious. The great thing is they are ready to eat when I buy them. I don't have to store them in a brown bag for a week and have them still not be ready to eat. What is it with stone fruit from the store? I have the worst luck getting them to ripen.

The watermelon are nice and small so we can almost eat a whole one at a time. I try and keep a few pieces to have in the fridge to snack on later, but it's really hard.

Here's how it is- we go to the store buy a bunch of fruit, come home wash it and stand in the kitchen and eat it until it's almost gone. We cannot seem to get enough fruit right now.

I'm so happy its summer!

next weekend... Hopefully blueberry picking!!!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th

With my day off and the gloomy weather I've decided to post a few photos.

Home made strawberry shortcake- bisquick shortcakes, whipped cream from real cream!

My Fuschia (photo by Josh)

My Peony had one flower this year. It's first flower ever!

Hen and Chicks (photo by Josh)

Me getting close to 30 weeks. (today I'm at 33 weeks- 7 more to go!)