Sunday, August 03, 2008

3 weeks

It could acutally be any day now up to 5 weeks. My due date is August 23rd and I have finally hit the 37th week. The week that if the baby comes all will be okay. They say most first time moms are two weeks late- so here I sit with the 23rd happily cirlced on the calendar and I could actually have to wait an additional 2 weeks. 5 weeks doesn't sound that great!

Yesterday I think the whole nesting thing kicked in. It's a hard thing to go through because I want to do all these things that I really cannot do. Like go through all these totes in the closet that are stacked to the ceiling. I cannot get in there and lift them out and go through them. Rearrange the flower pots on the deck... I did do some but had to have Josh help. Thoughts of rearranging the living room are quickly erased as I think I cannot move the sofa by myself.

I want to do a bunch of stuff but physcially cannot do it. I am the type of person that will not wait for someone to help me or do it for me. They are never avaialble when I want to do it and I am not going to wait. It's been a bit tough at work. I want to pick up the case of wine so bad and carry it to the customers car or to the front lobby but I have to go find someone and have them help me carry it. It's going to be fun getting back to my old self once this little guy is out.

I started packing my suitcase and have the little guys bag all ready to go, except that I keep changing out the outfit I want him to come home in. Like it matters but there always seems to be a cuter one that is just waiting to be chosen as the one to be worn home!

Elmo and Big Bird will not be going to the hospital!

I hope to have a new belly shot and maybe the last belly shot soon. Yesterday I didn't not feel up for a photo. Maybe today?

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