Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family History

I was sitting here today with nothing much else to do but wait and I started thinking about my family history. I had done a family tree for a class but did not keep it. It might be in a tote in the closet, but I'm in no condition to go looking through a bunch of totes stacked from floor to ceiling.

I went to some of those Geneology websites and didn't get very far. I thought of trying to contact my Grandpa's sisters family. I found one of her son's who restores barns and has his own business. From there I decided to type in my Grandpa's sisters name and I found this amazing website all about my Grandpa's family. The Zeckzer Family Tree at the bottom is about my side of the family. There were two links on this gals website that had some of the same info and some new.

I emailed all 3 to see if they will respond. One email was kicked back and I'm still waiting to see if the other two will respond. It was so weird to see my family on the internet. I could not believe how much info I found out. I didn't have much luck finding anything on my Grandma's side. I guess it's a start

As for the photo at the top. The man on the far right with the bow tie is my Great Grandpa Otto and the two older people in the front row are his parents Ferdinand and Wilhelmina and the rest are his brother's and sisters.

I am still amazed I found this!

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Way Cool!!!