Sunday, August 17, 2008


Made it through the hot day yesterday. Today is suppose to be 93 degrees which really how much different can that be from 100? It's almost 10am and it's cloudy. Maybe the 70 degree weather that is suppose to hit tomorrow will be early.

I feel odd about not going to work tomorrow. Today is still okay because it's the weekend.

I have made plans to see some movies next week and visit a few friends. Other than that it's just going to be about waiting. I cannot believe the little guy could come any day. I got a bit emotional this morning. I am ready for him but at the same time I'm not ready for him. Everyone says I will be fine I'm a natural but I've never had a baby of my own. I might just be a natural with other peoples babies.

On a funny note...
I'm being mooned right now by a squirrel. He is in the tree outside the window with his bum facing me flicking his tail vigorously like a flag. He's checking something out down below and doesn't seem to happy about what it is. He has the skinniest tail. Now he's gone. Just like that I look up and he's gone!

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