Friday, November 07, 2008


This was my first week back to work. I'm doing part time for the month of November. I'm home in the A.M. with the Bug and Josh is home in the P.M. Monday was a little tough for both the Bug and Papa. It was the first time I left him for more than a short bit so it was stressful for me as well. I never wanted to get home so fast in my life! Tuesday and the rest of the week went a lot better.

You think people don't talk about what we just went through or they do and you just don't listen until you are a parent yourself.

The Bug is pretty routine. The challenge is figuring out his routine!

We squeezed a bath in... He loves his organic bath towel! It makes his other bath towels feel like boiled wool.

He's a little teddy bear... a serious bear!

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