Friday, December 19, 2008


This morning I get to spend with the bug so while he was napping (yes while he was napping- his papa worked all week on getting him to nap by himself and it worked) I made chili and cheesy muffins... yum!

Here's our little hummingbird visitor. Sunday it was so cold his food froze so I would have to warm it up through out the day. This was around 5pm and he was still hanging out on the feeder.


Peas on Earth- sidways- oops didn't turn photo before posting- Thanks for the Tee shirt Grammy Sammy!

More Snow...

um Mom could you get that camara out of my face! Really he's into looking at his hand. He holds the same one out in front of him while he other one is in his mouth.

We have a gas fireplace. We never got a gas account so we don't use it. I miss having a fireplace mantel. I had magnets with hooks so I hung Ben and Miles christmas stockings on the fireplace.

Trying to do tummy time. He doesn't really like it and fusses after a few minutes. A friends mom suggested using the boppie- it worked for a little bit.

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