Monday, December 22, 2008

More Snow

I might have a snow day. They are going to make the call at 9am. It's been snowing the last couple hours and I- 84 is still closed from Troutdale to the Gorge. My work is 3 exits from Troutdale.

Yesterday I made pumpkin bread for the girls at work and I'm not sure if I will make it in this week to give it to them. I might have to stick it in the freezer. I had to have a little taste of it this morning to make sure it's good enough to share.

I've unthawed the hummer's food and turned on the porch light for him. He just flew into the slider window and is now sitting in the tree- probably thinking "what the nectar just happened?"

I have to say there's nothing that says Christmas more than a tin of cookies.

When we made holiday cookies growing up we would put them in tins and store the tins in the breeze way on top of the freezer. Schwan's used to have ice cream in tins for the holidays and we would save the tins for storing our holiday cookies and treats.

All this snow reminds me of winters at my Grandparents house. I grew up in the country and their farm sat on the corner of a hwy (a hwy like 99w). People would get caught in the snow and would walk up to the farm for help. There were a couple of times when the people would stay the night with us. I remember one time my Grandma and I were making donuts and a family got stuck and stayed the night with us.

Today would we be so welcoming to have strangers stay the night?

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