Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Day

No snow day for Josh. He was able to make it to work this morning- 4am. The CRV does really well in the snow. He stopped by and picked up the manager that was going to open the store and after getting there going out and getting 3 more people and bringing them to work.

The snow is so deep this morning that Miles could barely pee. He found a bush that had some leaves sticking out of the snow so he was able to go.

The snow has a crunchy layer on top- the freezing rain started early this morning.

The bug is down for his first nap. It's odd to have him go down for a nap. It's hard to know how long he will be asleep. I sit here thinking of all the things I should be doing but am scared to do anything because he could wake up any minute. He usually last about an hour and I'm sure as it gets more regular I might be able to shower!

I should lay back down and sleep more. It's hard once I'm up to lay back down. I've already had coffee and been out with the dog. My day starts any where from 4am to 5am. If I get used to going back to bed work days will be hard.

Miles likes nap time because then he gets a little extra snuggly time. He's curled up in the blanket next to me sleeping!

Today I'm going to try and make some pumpkin bread. If it works out I'm going to take some treats into work for the gals.

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