Sunday, January 11, 2009

4 months

4 month photos... almost 5 months

He went from smashing his face into the blanket to doing this!
4 month check up was good- second round of shots. The same as the first set so not to worried.

weight 15lbs (50%) and height 25" (75%)

Next month we will try some rice cereal. Going to try and get as close to 6 months as we can before starting solids. They say the closer to 6 months the less likely he will be to have food allergies. Lets hope it's true.


natalie el-jourbagy said...

guest what i discovered today... hehe, that stressed is desserts spelled backwards. hehe... i love little Ben's ability to neck bobble (or rather keep his head from hitting the ground) - what a milestone!

see you Saturday night. Steven and I would like to bring over dinner and we can all just chill and play with ben (when hes awake) and then hang out, watch a movie later on. :)

ccb said...

He's so big and sooo dang cute. I see both his mama and his papa in him. How has work been? We need to catch up...xoxo