Saturday, January 31, 2009

He's a Gnome

Kick'n it Gnome Style

It took me all day to make this little hat... I only knitted while the bug was napping.
If I would have sat down and did it start to finish I imagine it would have taken about an hour. It's so easy and fun.

It's suppose to have ear flaps and pom poms. I might do the ear flaps tomorrow in a light green color. Not sure I'm kind of liking it how it is.

The pattern said it fit a 16" to 17" head... I think mine ended up a little bigger. The bugs head was that size when he was born.

Little water bug... he loves floating in the water. I think in a month or so we are going to take him the community center and go swimming.

Me and the Bug post bath!

I'm loving our new iPhoto. Either it's new or I didn't use it before but the enhance button totally erases everything. I got rid of some wrinkles! I'm liking it!

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natalie el-jourbagy said...

i LOVE seeing photos of you guys!