Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Apple

I have been so busy and have been using my laptop that I forgot to say we got a new iMac last weekend.

At first we were going to get a notebook. After much debate we decided to go with the iMac- more computer for less money and when would we really need to leave the house with the computer. I can barley make myself leave the house let alone with a computer.

Today is the first chance i had to play around with it. It has a web camera so if there is anyone out there with a web camera we can chat in person. I am not sure how it works. I signed into iChat with my google account. I think we have to wait until we have our wireless internet set up before we can actually chat with anyone. That happens on Friday.

We are slowly moving our files over from the eMac. It seems so old and slow after being on the new computer.

What I like most about the new computer is the key board. It is not even a half inch thick and the keys are barely raised off the key board. It's a lot of fun to type on.

The iPhoto has some really neat new features. I can erase all of my blemishes. If I could just add make up and remove some gray hairs it would be out of this world cool.

Today I hope to accomplish taking some fun photos of the bug. A friend of mine every year (I think every year) takes a photo of her girl in a white oxford shirt. It's been fun to see the changes. I want to do that with the Bug and have taken one photo so far. He was just a month old. I want to do it a couple times before he turns 1 and then I will do it once a year. Probably around his birthday.

I have seen people take photos of their children by a tree in their yard. Moving around as much as we do makes that impossible.

I recently found some new blogs to follow- I will update my list so you can check them out. It's amazing all the creativity out there. It makes me wish I was more creative. It's very inspiring!

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